A vibrant modern wardrobe is a
 contemporary way of expressing knowledge and taste.


We create pieces questioning the status quo of manifested social structures, codes and commercialization.


Striving on driving problems into solutions, turning hate into love and fear into courage.

WOMAN.BERLIN was founded in 2016 on the curatorial and creative style, design and ideals of a Berlin based creative collective. As an extension of the work the design approach is manifested into an institutional commitment of social impact. The brand is rooted in counterculture, which has taken cues of strong political messaging such as the feminist movement, in order to break down the ideas of race-, gender- stereotypes and prejudice. The collection is heavily inspired by strong symbols and provides a canvas for the ideals of an informed equal society. The statement is to scrutinize the status quo of human condition and to redefine its race and gender norms. By reconstructing the hermeneutic in people’s heads


WOMAN.BERLIN aims to change the codes of a male dominated society therefore serving as a platform of education and empowerment. Selected quality and inclusiveness in the production process are an integral part of the high quality


WOMAN.BERLIN DNA. The Design-, Communication-  and Art Direction - Community is based in Berlin. Every order is hand-packed by the local team consisting of a curatorial-, communication- and artistic- collective. Future projects include cooperations with social workers and integration activities to assist in the growth of a local economy.





Igor Gumny, Mühsamstrasse 40, 10249 Berlin

+49 (0) 1577 505 29 60 info@woman.berlin

Ust-ID-Nr.: DE310510485